Charnwood Stoves 

Charnwood is the oldest British manufacturer of wood burning stoves, with over 40 years’ experience the range of Charnwood stoves has grown from wood burning stoves to include multi fuel stoves and inset stoves, so you are sure to find the right stove for your home by choosing Charnwood.

At The Stove Site we are pleased to offer an extensive range of Charnwood stoves including popular models such as the Charnwood C4 and the C5. You will also find Island 1 and Island 2 stoves as well as Charnwood Country models including the Country 4 – simply take a browse through our online store to discover your next Charnwood stove.

Charnwood’s wood burning stoves have that classic look and allow you to bring real warmth to your home through using wood as fuel. There are also multi fuel versions of Charnwood stoves which are very versatile as they allow you to burn both wood and coal, this is to ensure that if your preferred fuel choice is not available then there will be an alternative fuel that you can use.

The great thing about Charnwood stoves is that they are available in a variety of colours. If you want to change the colour of your stove to give you home a new lease of life, you can do so by purchasing a Charnwood paint kit in the colour of your choice.

Charnwood stoves burn fuel cleanly and efficiently, there are also Charnwood stoves that have the option of a boiler stoves – this means that you can run your central heating and hot water from them. Choose a beautiful designed with an efficient burn by browsing Charnwood stoves online at The Stove Site, here you will find favourite models such as Charnwood C4 and C5 stoves, Island 1 and Island 2 stoves, and Country stoves such as the Country 4.

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