Stove Flue Pipe 

One of the more common ‘weak links’ in fitting and installing a new or existing stove system is the stove flue pipe. As one of the leading UK online specialists in stoves and stove accessories, we have a selection to help you get the most from your stove.

The stove flue pipe is the pipe that connects the stove to the bottom of the chimney. The stove flue pipe is an essential part of your stove installation. They can come in a variety of different materials, and in a range of basic colours to match your stove and system.

If you’re having a stove fitted in your home, all you want in your room is the wonderful smell of a good fire and the sound of wood crackling and popping, as well as the attendant benefits of more efficient and environmentally friendly heat and hot water. What you don’t want are clouds of smoke filling the room – the stove flue pipe ensures that doesn’t happen.

Browse our complete range of stove flue pipes and order here online or call one of our advisors for more information on the best stove flue pipe for your system and advice on installation.

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