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Chimney Liners Explained

A chimney liner is a flexible metal tube that vents the combustion gasses from your gas, wood burning or multi fuel stove. It attaches to the solid flue pipe that exits the stove and terminates at the top of the chimney stack through a chimney pot.

As the flue is fully sealed this eliminates the risk of any leaks back into the house. A stove installed on a liner will work better too. Flue draught is increased as the air gap between the lining of the original masonary flue and the outside of the liner provides increased insulation meaning a warmer flue. A warmer flue draws harder. Coupled to this a stove with a 5" flue outlet will perform better with 5" or 6" for the entirity of the flue rather increased to 10" plus as it would just entering a masonary chimney. A lined chimney is easier to sweep too and poses less of a risk when it comes to chimney fires. Should the worst happen and you get a chimney fire it is considerably easier to deal with as it is contained within the metal flue.

In the UK you are not required by law to fit a liner unless stated in manufacturers instructions. If a smoke test is properly performed on the chimney and there are no leaks into the property or adjurning properties, there is sufficient draw and all other requirements are met then you can install a stove without a liner. However this is not recommended. The stove may not work properly without a liner, just because a chimney worked with an open fire that is no guarentee it'll work with a stove. Stoves are more efficient, therefore less heat escapes up the chimney, which means less draw. A stove performs better with a liner regardless. A leak could also develop at anytime with potentially fatal consequences, lining eleminates the risk and gives peace of mind.

Make sure you buy your liner from a reputable company buying cheap can mean buying twice. There are 2 grades available, 316 which is guaranteed for 10 years and 904 which is guaranteed for 20 years.

Article written by Ryan Brocklehurst

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