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Cast Iron vs Steel Stoves, Which Is The Right One For You?

When choosing your wood burning or multi fuel stove the material in which it is constructed is an important factor for many. Traditionally cast iron was seen as the superior choice due to its heat retaining properties and durability, steel in the early days often had a reputation for warping. Things have moved on however and now the durability of quality steel stoves is equal to that of cast iron. The heat retaining properties of cast iron are still useful to some but what we should also consider is that cast iron takes longer to heat up, so if you wish to get home from work and warm your room quickly then steel would be the better choice.

As cast iron is poured into moulds then this allows many decorative details to be included in the design, which is often more appealing depending on your tastes. However, many steel stoves use a cast iron door coupled with a steel body which means you still can still have those decorative details. For those who prefer a more contemporary look then often steel is the better choice due to the simple, clean lines achievable with a steel plate construction. Cost between the two materials varies but generally a cast iron stove will cost slightly more although there are exceptions to this depending on the manufacturer.

The most important factor in your decision is that if either steel or cast iron is that you buy a quality brand, cheap steel can warp and cheap cast iron can crack. Buy cheap and you will buy twice, a false economy!

Article written by Ryan Brocklehurst

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