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Thermic Seal

Stovax Thermic Seal Rope Glue

  • High Temperature
  • Heat Resistant

Stovax Thermic Seal is high temperature rope adhesive for use in stoves.

  • £4.08

Stovax Black Grate Polish

  • Wax-Based
  • Silver-Black Finish

Wax-based graphite polish, giving a brilliant silver-black finish to cast iron stoves and fireplaces.

  • £5.95

Stovax Colloidal Black

  • Water-Based
  • Graphite Coating

Water-based graphite coating for matt black stoves and fireplaces.

  • £9.45
Flue Cleaner

Stovax Flue and Chimney Cleaner

  • 15 Sachets
  • Prevents Chimney Fires
  • Attacks Tar, Creosote and Soot

Stovax Protector Flue and Chimney Cleaner can help to prevent chimney fires.

  • £17.50
Flue Thermometer

Stovax Stove Pipe Thermometer

  • 3 Zones Indicate Best Operation
  • Attaches Magnetically to Stove or Pipe
  • Refuelling Gauge

A flue pipe thermometer shows best operating temperatures and can be used as an energy meter to save fuel and improve your multifuel or woodburning stove's performance.

  • £20.25
Flue Damper

Stovax Flue Damper

  • Various Diameters
  • Universal
  • Brass Spindle

A flue damper is used to regulate the air flowing through the stove.

  • From £30.50


A range of accessories designed to help you look after your stove both inside and out. Products to make using your stove easier such as heat resistant gloves and products to make your stove safer to use such as chimney and flue cleaner which can prevent chimney fires.
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